Beginning of June


I’m now working with my own desk, computer, rolly chair, and in an office with a “view.” I work at Vroooom Technology entering information for their clients’ websites. My first article written was for It’s all sitting in front of a computer all day long, which is very different from any other job I’ve ever had. Nothing like walking around at the shop smelling flowers, greening vases and answering phones…There aren’t many people to talk to, but It’s a job! And I’m making more money than I was at home… It’s a lot of new information about computers and web coding  and such…but I love it! Getting to know new people is always a great experience.

Speaking of meeting new people, I’ve gotten to know some of Danny’s close friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Romero and their son Victor. We’ve had a blast hanging out with them. They invited us over for fajitas and they were to DIE for!! They also gave me a great birthday present: All four of the Twilight movies on DVD. I appreciate the sarcasm haha. :] I guess there’s a first time for everything, and I better get to watching these! We also went to their house to watch game 7 for Miami & Boston. The Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight was ordered too. Talk about an experience for my first time watching boxing! It’s probably one thing I’ll never understand. Oh well. It was fun. Danny and Alfonso set up two televisions in their living room so we could watch both, and it was pretty cool!

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Claudia. We’re convinced we were separated at birth. Haha. We have so much in common. From shoes to shows, and opinions on the guys. She’s a great person and I look forward to getting to know her this summer! Not to mention their adorable son. He’s such a cutie. So much energy and so happy. They are an adorable family and I so admire how close they are.

I do miss my amazingly dynamic family. I’ve been a tad homesick lately, but I’m so glad they are easy to get a hold of! I miss two-fer Tuesday and the BLG! I miss my puppy too! I haven’t seen any dorky pictures being posted of him lately…Someone help me out!! Speaking of animals…Joey [the fish] is still alive! He must be eating when I’m not looking…

We’ve done a lot of new things too. I got to go to the River Walk on the Chattahoochee River, go fishing in a boat I actually had to paddle [and by “I” I mean “we”]. It’s been so great. Even though we didn’t catch anything we got some great pictures and the weather was AMAZING! It was like a summer day in Oregon, hot, with a nice breeze and not muggy. The River Walk was neat, very quiet, considering it was Sunday. There’s NOTHING going on down here on Sundays…It’s so quiet, but it’s nice. It gives us a chance to relax. It gives Danny a chance to catch up before another long week.

I got a hair cut this week. I was so leery of going to a new hairdresser…Nobody has cut my hair besides Rose since I was like 8… I took a risk and it actually turned out great! I went to Patrice’s Hair Design and she was great. She even does eyelash extensions! It’s a bit pricey, but they last for a minimum of 2 months! How awesome would it be to have beautiful eyelashes for once?! I’m definitely going to consider it… Thank you to the first lady who is not Rose who did not butcher my thick hair! :]

Hmm…what else is new? The weather is still great, in between rains. We are finally getting a washer and dryer, so I now no longer have to dig for quarters or clean clothes. I’ve been sitting here waiting… They gave me a 10-4 window… so here I am…at 1pm still waiting for the delivery guys to get here so I can start washing these massive piles of laundry…

In the meantime, I want to tell anyone who’s reading this: Thank you! It’s fun writing these…I’m no blogging pro, but It’s pretty fun. I also want to say congratulations. Congrats to Shaela and Roman on their new addition to their family. The pictures are adorable, little Lainey is beautiful! Also, congratulations to the class of 2012! All the Mr. Billie boys and girls, you are all amazing! Congrats Heather, I wish I coulda been their for your grad party! Congrats to Devin and Coty on your engagement, I’m so happy for you two! Congratulations to Coleen on graduation! Kristin Quick, congratulations on your amazing news about the future addition to your family! And Brandon: Your new job sounds awesome and I’m so glad you are having a wonderful time in NY! Theresa and Troy: your family is beautiful! Kate and Justin: I can’t wait to see your little Maddie! Also, congratulations on graduating too! Just a few people I’ve been missing and keeping in my thoughts.

And to my sister: You are such an inspiration. I’m proud of everything you do! You’ve made it through your second year of college and are well on your way to an amazing future. You are my motivation. I wish I could be there to help you in any way I can, but always know you can call me any time. I’m always here for you and I’m proud to be your sister. I miss you! And keep up the great work!

I finally got a call this morning from RSS Eugene, I’m scheduled to take the DLAB this Thursday! Wish me luck people! This is what my job depends on!!!!! :]

It’s hurricane season…

June 1st…Day one of hurricane season… we’ve experienced a bit of the tropical storm that rolled through the south. We just had a little thunder, lightning and rain. Aside from that one day it’s been lovely weather down here!

We are moved into our new apartment. It’s 1100 square feet, the same size as the other apartment. Instead of two bedrooms it only has one. The living room is much larger, there are two vanity size sinks, two sliding glass doors to our shaded patio. More pictures will be posted soon, but a few are in the gallery below. We moved on the 25th of May and it was a…situation. The couch we got from Danny’s friend was much too large to fit into the front door. We ended up removing one of the screens from the patio, removing the sliding glass door, and traipsing through the bushes to get the couch into the apartment through the patio windows. In any case, we got all of the furniture into the apartment. We got the bedroom set all set up, new mattress, new dishes, new everything. Except new kitchen appliances, these things are older than Danny and I put together… haha. Take a look at the pic of the oven! The only thing missing, as you can see in the pictures, is a dining room set. But this is no problem, we have a coffee table that works just fine!

Before this moving fiasco was my birthday. We didn’t do anything huge. Danny and I went to a martini & cigar bar called Belloo’s. It was a very nice place, we had a few beers and Danny had a cigar…I really don’t know which one he had or I’d go into detail about it haha. It was a really nice time. The manager of the place was very kind, and as it turns out, his father works at the hospital with Danny! They brought me an adorable red velvet mini cupcake with a candle in it for my birthday. It was so cute!

Other small things that have been going on: Gas last time we filled up was only $2.74/gallon! I couldn’t believe it…I feel for all of you Oregonians where gas is over $4!

I’ve taught myself [finally] how to french braid my own hair…haha. That’s how much is going on. Other than looking for a job, there’s not much for me to do here.

We got a FISH! His name is Joey. He’s a blue and red betta fish. He’s no Kurt from the Flower Home…but he’s getting used to his new home. He doesn’t eat much, and I hope he starts eating. i don’t want an anorexic fish! :] We’ve also got a defective coffee pot… I guess that’s what we get for shopping at Goodwill…haha. $6.95 for a $35 coffee pot wasn’t a bad deal until we found out it leaked all over the place.

Another awesome thing: I found an app that tells me when the light is on at Krispy Kreme down the street…this could be a bad idea…but we’ve only been there a couple times since moving down here. I have NOT gone every time the light comes on…haha. BEST APP EVER!

I’ve been in contact with both RSS Eugene, and RSS Columbus regarding my Marine Corps test that I still have to take. I should be scheduled to take the Defense Language Aptitude Battery by nest Wednesday.

I’ve applied for many jobs: Web design, pet care, child care, clerical positions…the list goes on. But today [June 1] I got a call from A web design office looking for temporary employees. I have an interview on Monday! Wish me luck!

I’ll update again soon, we are off to the movies. MIB3 starts in an hour. :]