Am I the genie in the bottle? No, I’m the girl who drinks from the bottle and pretends to give advice…

This is “MyDrunkBitchBox”

Today is… well… now it’s 31August2017… and I have a lot to bitch about. From those whose wives have left them, to those who ate too much ice cream. I love my people. But what about me?

I’m two months out of treatment for an eating disorder that nobody could specify for 28 years of my life… I met the greatest people in the world while I was conquering the demons that haunted me. Don’t get me wrong… those demons are still in the shadows… but my army is a few flanks deeper and you have less of a chance to penetrate it.

We are going to start with the fact that My life is a million percent different than the previous ten years of this blog. I have no idea how to separate it. But it is ten years separate. Which is why I’m going to separate each post into “The Bitch is Drunk Again.” Posts… Or maybe others in-between.

Today I am bitching about the fact that the last families I blogged about are all separated… It’s so sad. I moved my life across the country to start a life there. I met a plethora of amazing people. Today, (five years later), I find that none of these families are together. None of these families are going to see their children grow together.

That’s a lie. One family survived…The Webb Family. I haven’t tagged them in this post because I don’t want them to undergo any scrutiny that is unnecessary. They have an amazing family with two beautiful children. Mr. Webb trained with me for Parris Island and without him I would not have passed my IST.

Though I made it to boot camp… I didn’t make it out. The circumstances were unfortunate and will be detailed in a separate post.

The reason this happened… it’s a little hard to explain; if you look back through my blog… you will see I left my life to move to Georgia before I deployed for the USMC. Well, that didn’t work out. I’m home in Oregon now. And it’s seven years later.

Donald Trump is president. Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the gulf, and I honestly have no idea where the USA stands on anything…

So, herein begins… “The BitchBox”