My dream of becoming a United States Marine began in 2010 when I first contacted the recruiting office.

Gunnery Sergeant Arao called me almost immediately after I submitted my “inquiry.” The first time I walked into the recruiting office in Eugene I was terrified. He had me explain my goals, how I pictured my future with and without the Marine Corps, and we started getting the ball rolling.

When I left the office that day I felt accomplished. I knew what I wanted for once in my life and I couldn’t wait to begin the journey. First thing’s first though, I had to get in physical shape. In order to meet the standards of the Marine Corps I needed to lose 45 pounds. I needed to run 1.5 miles in 15 minutes or less, hold my chin above a bar for (a still questionable) 18 seconds, and complete 55 crunches in two minutes.

Well, two years later, boot camp classes, an exhausting amount of Physical Education courses, and insanely dubious motivation that came and went… here I am. Off to boot camp in five days. 

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