Here We Are.

Well, now that you are all caught up on where I am and how I got here, it’s time to show you around. I’m still learning about this lovely city, but as I learn so will you.

Since arriving here we’ve not done much. I’ve experimented with new food recipes, and looked for a job. We are preparing to move to a one-bedroom apartment. Same square footage, just a different building. I’m super excited! We have been shopping for new house stuff. Since we have to leave all this nice stuff here… :[ But here’s a pic of the new bedroom set we got:

It’s really pretty! We’ve also got a couch, love seat, end table, coffee table, and a new television! Danny’s got a good friend who is giving us a great deal on all of this amazing stuff.

We’ve been relaxing a lot. Catching Danny up on Friends so we can play a Trivial Pursuit game with his friend. His name is Alfonso. He and his wife Claudia are HUGE Friends fanatics and have challenged us to a very tough competition! We have come to love this show. As if I didn’t love it enough already!! He is so hooked on it, we no longer watch anything else!

I’ve also been experiencing with different food recipes. I’ve made an orange chicken dish with veggies and, since we didn’t have lo mien noodles, I used ramen noodles! haha. Danny really enjoyed it. I’ve been experimenting with different cheeses as well. Goat cheese seems to be his new favorite. I made a quesadilla  with it and chicken. Another quesadilla with feta and cheddar was a big hit. In my gallery there is a croissant breakfast with eggs, aged cheddar cheese and spicy Italian sausage, all wrapped in a pinwheel croissant wrap. It was delicious! Pictures are all below, check them out!

Also, you can find pictures of some of the birds around here. We’ve got the ducks, herons, cardinals, and more! I’ve also been photographing the turtles. They are adorable, basking in the sunlight around the pond.

Amid all the chaos of cooking, cleaning, moving and other stuff I’ve been looking for a temporary job. So far, no luck…but I am getting closer! I’ve also been in touch with the USMC recruiters down here…this is not going very smoothly. But, hopefully they will start to help me more. [[Special thanks goes out to RSS Eugene, who have also been helping me stay in contact!]]

Anyway, I think you are all caught up…I’ll keep you posted on anything new and exciting that happens! Thanks for following and remember, your comments are always appreciated!

I love you all and I hope you are doing great as well!

Have an excellent week!