Boot Camp Prep

Well, here’s the update.

Yesterday I signed my official job contract. Once I earn the title of Marine I will be trained as a Cryptologic Linguist. I won’t find out which language I will learn until after boot camp. But I got my first choice job!

It’s been a long time coming. While I was living in Georgia I wasn’t able to get scheduled to take the DLAB (Defense Language Aptitude Battery). I had to wait until I got home, which didn’t leave me with much time. I scored a 137 on the test, and I hear that was a decent score. 

I’ve been working hard at getting back into shape. Living in the south certainly has its downfalls. Well, the food is great…but it’s not good when you are trying to make weight! The recruiters are learning to not worry about me… I made weight, passed all of the physical tests, and now I am good to go!

One of my best friends and I leave on the same day. He’s headed up north to the Great Lakes for boot camp and I’m headed to Parris Island, South Carolina. I will be there for thirteen weeks. My goal is to write a generic letter as often as possible and have Lauren post it on here to keep everyone updated on how it’s going over there. I hope it works out that way! 

Hopefully my address will get posted on here as well. I can’t guarantee that I will have to opportunity to write everybody, but I will do my best. 

Here’s to enjoying the next 5 days of civilian life!